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The subscription to the "ETISALAT Perfect10" campaing is free of charge
for the first day.After that, the charge is 1EGP per day
How to Participate
"ETISALAT Perfect10" is a promotion powered by ETISALAT, that awards amazing prizes to its participants!
To join, send 1 to 2110 or call *2110# and participate for 30,000EGP in cash every month and 1,000EGP in cash instantly every day!
Send 1 to 2110 or call *2110# and register in Etisalat Perfect10 for free (after the first day charge 1EGP/day applies). ETISALAT will send you a welcome message and your first points. Subscribers have also the chance every day to play the web game and win instantly (without a draw) 1,000EGP upon answering correctly all 10 questions of the game within the given time. The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you gather for the 30,000EGP also.
Every, day you will be receiving interesting interactive content along with points for the prizes.
Participants can increase their points by answering the web-game questions.
Frequently Asked Questions

To join the "Etisalat Perfect 10" service, send 1 to 2110 or call *2110# (first day is for free, afterwards charge 1EGP/day applies).

The Campaign will be live live up to 31/12/2018

You can participate for:

-30,000EGP cash every month

-1,000EGP cash Instant daily prize

A user participates for:

-30,000EGP in cash monthly prize

-1,000EGP instantly daily

- Participants can win only once the prize of the same type, except the Instant prize. Instant prizes are unlimited, you win every time you answer correctly all 10 questions.

>30,000EGP for the Perfect10 participants will be declared via a draw on the below days: 31/7/2018, 31/8/2018, 30/9/2018, 31/10/2018, 30/11/2018 & 31/12/2018

>1,000EGP for the Perfect10 participants are declared without a draw to the participants that answer correctly 10 consecutive questions on the web-game. There can be 1 winner every day. After the winner of the day is declared, the game is locked until the next day.

The winner will be contacted by Etisalat in the next days as to explain the process needed. So, do not worry.
Just keep your phone on.
The subscription to the “Etisalat Perfect10” campaign is free of charge for the first day. After that, the charge is 1EGP per day.
100 chances for every question answered correctly.
No. You will never lose your earned chances. You can check your chances by sending the word SCORE to to 2110.

After registering to the Perfect10 service (by sending 1 to 2110) and upon every successful renewal, you will receive on a daily basis the points for the prizes and 1 credit in order to play the web game at etisalatsuper5.com

If you answer correctly all 10 questions, you win automatically without a draw 1,000EGP in cash.

In order for you to opt out from the subscription service, you need to send 0 to 2110.
No, if you are not an Etisalat Egypt subscriber unfortunately you cannot participate to the “Etisalat Perfect10” service.
The competition also awards all Etisalat customers that perform a Top Up. You are not charged anything extra. You are not subscribed in the service. Every Top Up regardless its value is awarded with 1 point/chance for 1 GOLDEN COIN which will be declared via draw every month. In order to activate your points for the other prizes and the Instant daily prize, you have to subscribe to the Perfect10 service by sending 1 to 2110 or call *2110#.

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